Laxmi Hospital Profile

The hospital is situated in the heart of city Maldahia just 50 meters from Govt. Bus Stand, Roadways and 100 meters from Varanasi Cantt. Railway Station.
The building used by us completely complies with the municipal by-
laws and we are registered with Nagar Nigam, Varanasi and also with C.M.O. Office Varanasi wide registration NO. AL-110.
The rooms of our hospital are well ventilated airy and are kept totally clean and hygienic from all angles.
We have employed worker specially for the purpose to keep rooms and entire hospital premises clean with the help of hygienic reagents.
We have 100 beds in our hospital which are meant to provide complete rest and comfort to patients.
We provide clean and hygienic bed sheets,Pillow Cover etc. which are being monitored regularly thrice a day by supervisory staff. All beds are equipped with Central Oxygen supply and suction points to provide convenience to patients.
We have four fully equipped operation theaters with modern and latest world class equipments with cardiac monitors, ventilators and portable X-Ray. We have separate O.T. for
a. Neuro – Surgery
b. Cancer Patient
c. Infected Cases
d. Non-Infected Pre-Planned Surgery.
Our O.T. is equipped with C-arm along with all world-class equipment for Laproscopic Surgery too.
The O.T. area is being kept totally sterilized with the help of reagents. The O.T. area has two bedded recovery room and a doctor’s lounge for surgeons and a change-room also.
The O.T. staffs are well trained & qualified and have been trained in Fortis Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi.
We have a labor room of floor area of 200 Sq. feet with all facilities of sterilization and equipments needed. We have 2 bedded recovery room attached to labour room. Adjacent to labour room is our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with modern & world class equipments including pediatric ventilator.
Aseptic Conditions are fully maintained and being followed both in operation theater and labor room.
We keep our O.T. and labor room completely clean dry and hygienic with the help of recommended reagents.
Nursing staff of the hospital are well trained friendly and are being provided separate space to sit and look after the patients.
We have 6 Intensive Care Unit i.e. Medical, Surgical, Neo-Natal, Pediatric, Burn and Cardiac. All are equipped with latest monitors, ventilators and central O2 supply alongwith a central nursing station where records of all the patients is being monitored by the nursing staff and if a changes in medications are required it is being done. The I.C.U. area is totally separated and is being kept sterilized always.
The R.O. Purified water used in our hospital is fit for drinking and we have water cooler to maintain water for Cold & Hot Temperature, hygienic and free from foreign elements.
We have our separate burn Intensive Care Unit which is one of its kind in Eastern U.P.. Apart from this we may isolate septic and infectious patients in our wards/rooms which have air conditioners with all required means to serve these types of patients.
Our hospital provide and maintain followings :
A. High Pressure sterilizer and instruments sterilizer (Make Surgident).
B. We have separate space to keep oxygen cylinders and other attachment devices and adequate quantity of cylinders are maintained to meet with the requirement. All the I.C.U.’s have central oxygen supply, ventilators, Infusion Pumps, Syringe Pump, Nebulizer, Defibrillators. Since we undertake all kind of surgery like Pediatric-surgery, General surgery, Uro Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Oncology Surgery, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery and Burn Surgery Orthopedic Surgery, so we have adequate and good quality surgical instruments and apparatus.
All above instruments available with us are of best of quality and are kept in proper attention to keep them hygienic.
C. Many Surgeries performed with Operative microscope.
D. We have a pathological laboratory to carry out followings:
 Clinical pathology
 Microbiology
 Hematology
 Histopathology
 True-Cut Biopsy
 Computerized – EEG
 Computerized – ECG
 Computerized - T.M.T.
 Pulmonary Function Test
 All Viral Marker Test
Apparatus available in pathological laboratory are of good standard.
We have separate wings of Digital X-Ray & Plain X-Ray both machines are available.
We have separate wing to carry out Ultra Sound 2D Echo with Panta-5 GE & Colour Dopler & Portable U.S.G. Machine & Portable mobile X-Ray machine available in Incentive Care Unit. We have our own CT Scan Unit with latest machine, Radiologist and experienced & trained technician.
We have our Dialysis unit equipped with world standard machines for Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis. Our air conditioned dialysis unit have monitors & all required equipments
We have four generators of capacity Two of 125 KVA, One of 82.5 KVA. & One of 62.5 KVA as an alternative arrangement to meet with power failure.
We have twenty two full time resident medical officers to look after the in- door patients.
For our intensive care unit we have separate arrangement of three medical officers who are available round the clock.
We have two Advanced Lift for Patients shifting to ward, O.T. and room and their attendants.
Adequate Nursing staff and care takers are available round the clock for indoor patient to look after the needs of patients.
We have separate nursing staff, ward Boy, and other supporting staff for our intensive care unit and fifteen nursing staff are available exclusively for I.C.U.s
We provide the patient diet as advised by dietician and 24 hours Canteen facility is available for attendant.
Our hospital keep all records of all patients in our computer i.e. Name, Address, Age, Sex, Occupation, D.O.A. treatment given date of Operation and date of discharge etc.
The hospital keeps records of medicines and treatment of all patients for future reference. So that we can always know/detect which are the areas where patients referral is large.
Our hospital keeps disease wise categorization of patients working in deferent areas who have been referred, so that we can utilize these data for improved patient care.



List of empanelled companies:

 Coal India Ltd.
 Northern coal Fields Ltd.
 Rastriya Jivan Bima Yojna.
 Air India.
 Bank of India.
 Saubhagyavati Matritva Yojna.
 Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
 Hero Honda Motors Ltd.
 The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
 New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
 United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
 National Insurance Co. Ltd.
 ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.
 ICICI Prudential Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd.
 HDFC Bank Ltd.
 Cholamendalam MS General Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Apollo DKV Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Ageon Religare Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Iffco Tokyo Health Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Future Generali Insurance Co. Ltd.
 Paramount TPA.
 Raksha TPA Pvt. Ltd.
 Family Health Plan Ltd.
 TTK Healthcare Services Ltd.
 E-Meditek Solution Ltd.
 Medicare TPA India Pvt. Ltd.
 DHS Healthcare TPA Ltd.
 M.D. India Ltd.
 United Health Care India Pvt.Ltd.
 Health India TPA Services Pvt. Ltd.
 Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Ltd.
 East – West TPA Ltd.


 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Rai, M.S., M.Ch – Neuro Surgeon.
 Dr. Rajeev Verma, M.D., D.M. – Neuro Physician.
 Dr. Dilip Yadav, M.S. (Orth) – Joint Replacement Surgeon
 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, M.S., M.Ch – Plastic Surgeon.
 Dr. S. S. Samaiyaar, M.S., M.Ch. Urologist.
 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, D.Orth. – Orthopedic Surgeon.
 Dr. P. M. Mishra, M.S. – E.N.T. Surgeon.
 Dr. Ajay Khatri, M.S. – General & Laparoscopic Surgeon.
 Dr. Rahul Chandra M.S. – Ophthalmology.
 Dr. Vikas Bhatnayagar, M.D. – Medicine.
 Dr. Ajay Singh, M.D., D.M. – Cardiologist.
 Dr. Abhinav Padia M.D., D.N.B. – Cardiologist.
 Dr. Nitin Agrawal, M.D., D.M. – Nephrologist.
 Dr. Pushpesh Gupta, M.D. – Chest & T.B.
 Dr. Ritandhar Mishra, M.D. – Chest & T.B.
 Dr. Kumar Abhishek, M.D., D.M. – Gastro-enterology .
 Dr. Tanu Singh. M.D. Psychatrician. De-Addiction
 Dr. Khitiz Sharma, M.D., D.M. – Pediatric Cardiologist.
 Dr. Vijay Gupta M.S. – Obst. & Gynecologist.
 Dr. Shalini Khatri, M.D. – Obst. & Gynecologist.
 Dr. R. B.Singh, M.D. - Anesthesiologist & Intensives.
 Dr. Arun Tiwari, M.D. - Anesthesiologist & Intensives.
 Dr. P. S. Pandey, M.D. - Anesthesiologist & Intensives.
 Dr. Uday Singh, M.D. - Anesthesiologist & Intensives.
 Dr. S. P. Singh, M.D. - Anesthesiologist & Intensives.
 Dr. S.S. Mishsra, M.D.S., Specialist Maxillofacial Surgeon.
 Dr. Somya Singh, M.D. – Radiologist.
 Dr. Shirish Singh, M.D. – Radiologist.
 Dr. L.P. Gupta, M.D. – Pathologist.
 Dr. Mahendra Gupta, M.D. – Pathologist.
 Dr. Rajesh Kumar, B.P.T. – Physiotherapist.
 Dr. Nitu Kumari, B.D.S., Oral and Dental Surgeon.
 Dr. Rahul Singh, B.P.T. – Physiotherapist.


 Emergency and Trauma Care
 Department of Medicine and Cardiology
 Department of neurology & Neuro-Surgery
 Department of Orthopedics
 Department of Skin & V.D.
 Department of Obstretic & Gynecology
 Department of Nephrology
 Department of Urology
 Department of Pediatrics
 Department of Dental Surgery
 Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes
 Division ENT & Head Neck Surgery & Cancer Surgery
 Department of General & Laparoscopic Surgery
 Department of Ophthalmology
 Division of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
 Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
 Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
 Department of Respiratory Medicine
 Department of Transfusion Medicine
 Division of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
 Department of Psychiatry & De-addiction Cell.
 Knee Clinic
 Pharmacy

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